Electric adjustable bed set consists
of wooden bed frame, steel frame, motor, rubber mattress.

Recommend the use of the electric adjustable bed

1. Wooden bed frame

Single Bed

Dual Bed


W111 L224 H82 cm.

W202 L224 H82 cm.


W111 L208 H50 cm.

W202 L208 H50 cm.

Can support a weight of 150 kg.

2. Steel frame, motor and electrical system

– Adapter input : AC100-240V 50/60Hz Output : DC29V
– Control the level of the mattress with the remote control from the power plug. without batteries
– adjust the head level 0-45 degrees
– adjust the level of the foot 0-35 degrees
– can be used with 2 9V batteries, put in the adapter box when the power goes out

3. Latex mattress 6 inches thick

Single Bed

Inside consists of
– 1 inch thick rubber ovary
– 4 inch thick compressed rubber
– covered with dust mites feather cloth

Dual Bed

How to use the remote control button

1. Adjust the header level up.

2. Adjust the header level down.

3. Adjust the toe level up.

4. Adjust the toe level down.

5. Adjust the header level. and toes up together

6. Adjust the header level. and toes down together

Maintenance of steel frames, motors and electrical systems

– Be especially careful with children
Be careful not to let children play under the bed when leveling up and down. May be dangerous and should not sit on the edge of the mattress while raising the level or jumping on the bed This can cause falls and injury. It can also cause structural deformation and damage.

– Plug or unplug the power properly.
The plug should be unplugged by hand on the plug. Do not pull on the power cord. And do not use your hands to touch the plug. to avoid And be cautious when using multiple plug sockets. This may cause overuse of the power socket, causing problems with the electrical system. And should not leave batteries in the Adapter in the case of plugging in the power plug for normal use Because it may cause the Adapter to be damaged from the deterioration of the battery.

– cleaning
because it is an electric bed If liquid is spilled, unplug the power cord first. Then wipe clean and dry, should not be left. Because it may cause damage to the electrical system.

Care of latex mattresses

– Should tear off the plastic bag covering the mattress
The mattress will be shipped wrapped in a plastic bag. For effective leveling, the plastic should be removed from the mattress before use. If the plastic is not removed, it can cause noise when adjusting the mattress up and down.

– cleaning
latex mattress Not designed to be cleanable This is especially true for liquids such as beverages, blood, urine or vomit that have been spilled onto the mattress. Should use a clean cloth moistened with mild soapy water, wring it damp and clean the stained area. Then put it to dry before putting on the sheets, try not to expose the latex mattress to the sun. Because it will make the color of the rubber foam turn darker yellow. and the rubber will become more brittle and crumbly If you want to dry the mattress, you must dry it in a well-ventilated place, and to maintain the condition of the mattress to look new always, it is best to use a mattress protector.

– moving the mattress
In case of wanting to move the mattress in any case The mattress should be raised horizontally. or vertically, which will make it easier to move and does not cause damage to the mattress and in the installation of latex mattresses Should use the method of lifting the rubber mattress above the bed. and lay down on the bed The mattress should not be dragged onto the bed. This will help prevent the mattress cover. and the surface of the rubber foam inside is torn